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In the heart of Jamaica West Indies, the youngest of four siblings a “country bumpkin girl”, Margaret DePass, grapples with the scars of her emotionally abusive upbringing, inflicted by her family and disguised as love.   After a divorce and having 2 young children to raise on her own, she became content with platonic dates until she encountered a man who deceived her into thinking he was her knight in shining armor.


Margaret painstakingly bears the weight of more emotional abuse, as she discovers that her newfound love harbors several dark secrets—including a prophecy foretold by a mysterious fortune teller. Unaware of the treacherous path ahead, her world is turned upside down when she is ensnared in a web of madness, deceit, corruption and the haunting grip of a generational curse, that threatens to consume her.


This gripping tale explores the power of resilience and the enduring quest for redemption in adversity. Will Margaret emerge from the shadows of her past unscathed, or will she be consumed by the darkness that threatens to consume her?

Entanglement II


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