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A true story about love, heartbreak, and government corruption


Latest Release

Entanglement II is a captivating exploration of human relationships, navigating through the complexities of divorce and uncovering the veils of government corruption. It's a compelling narrative that will leave readers enthralled.


About Margret DePass

Margret DePass was born in Jamaica, West Indies (now commonly referred to simply as Jamaica, to avoid confusion with Jamaica, Queens, NY). She was the fourth and final child of her mother, while her father had three other children outside of their marriage, with the possibility of a fourth, though that's a matter entangled in complexity. Her childhood held no particular excitement, nor did she engage in anything remarkable. She lived in the shadow of her eldest sister, a situation she accepted until she found herself pushed onto a similar path, expected to mirror her sister's achievements.

With only six months remaining to complete high school in Jamaica, Margret had intended to pursue a life as a nun there. However, fate intervened when she traveled to Miami, USA, for a Christmas visit. Being the last member of her immediate family residing in Jamaica, and more significantly, encountering her first husband in America, led her to extend her stay indefinitely.

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